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85th annual VDA congress in Siegen

The 85th annual VDA congress took place in the Stadthalle Siegen from Saturday 27 April to Sunday 28 April 2019.

I was there with a lecture on "Nutrition of aquarium plants".

Under the motto "A journey through aquaristics", District 15 of Rhineland-Pfalz hosted the annual VDA Association Day on Friday and the 85th annuall Congress on Saturday and Sunday in the Siegerlandhalle. The organisers were Ferdinand Wurm and his comrades from Aquarienfreunde Siegerland e. V..
Every year, members of aquarium and terrarium associations from all over Germany come together at the VDA Federal Congresses to find out about vivaristics. Ferdi Wurm had put together a great programme that covered topics from freshwater, seawater, terraristics and species protection and environmental protection.
I was very happy to be there with my lecture "Nutrition of aquarium plants". Recognising symptoms of deficiency is the basis for being able to fertilize in a targeted and appropriate way. To communicate the necessary knowledge is one of the main concerns of aquatic plant friends.

Furthermore our friend Stefan Jäger from the regional group NRW of the working group water plants was on site and presented water plants and the Aqua Planta.